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Side Daily Tour Recommendations

Side Daily Tour Recommendations

We have listed after evaluating the best Side daily tours for the vacationers of Side. If you want to get information about tours, you can contact us.


Side Yacht Tour 

The yacht tours which start on Side Port and Manavgat River in the morning completes at evening hours. You will find the opportunity of watching Side coast from the sea during the tour. If you are lucky, maybe you can see dolphins on the sea. As far as the content of tour, there are breakfast and meal. In addition, there are special breaks for swimming in different points. If your tour starts over the Manavgat River, you have the opportunity to swim in the cold water of the river. For those who are looking for more fun, activities like pirate boots, foam parties and animated shows are being organizing. 

Our recommendation score: 10/10


Manavgat Rafting Tour 

If you are looking for an activity which is amusing and in touch with nature, rafting will be ideal for you. The excitement of sculling inside the icecold water, 12 km across the river between forests and mountains is priceless. In addition, the dose of entertainment  is increased by taking a break for swimming, jumping and various games. 

Our recommendation score: 10/10


Side Diving Tour 

If you feel at peace with the sea, I recommend you to try this tour which you will get lost in blue water of the Mediterranean Sea and you will meet with the creatures in deep water. During the tour, you have the two chances to dive. You can see various wrecks, sculptures and living species according to the diving spot. We would definitely recommend taking a tour of the underwater museum. 

Our recommendation score: 9/10


Manavgat Village Tour 

Even though Manavgat was established near the sea, the settlements in ancient times mostly are on the mountains. There are a lot of historical ruins in the mountain villages and it is said that there are hidden treasures. If you want to see the life in the village, natural beauties, agriculture - livestock activities, historical ruins and more, I would recommend you to Sırtköy Village where Etenna Ancient City is located.You can see historical ruins such as the walls surrounding the ancient city, mausoleums, basilica, agora, church, hammam in the village. 

Our recommendation score: 10/10